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History of solsons

We have strived to achieve new standards and innovate newer things. Solsons is the proud inventor and manufacturer of internationally acclaimed innovative hand tools.

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Award & Milestone

Over the Years, Solsons has crossed several milestones and gathered awards for its excellence. All of this recognitions just motivates us to work even more better!

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Foundry Division

Solsons is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Precision Investment Casting components. The castings are made from Ferrous & non-ferrous alloys including Nickel & Cobalt based Super Alloys.

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Best In Class Quality

Being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, we assure you to deliver products that are best in class.

Million Users Worldwide

We are a trusted brand with a user base of millions across the entire globe.

Life Time Warranty

Solsons hand tool products come with life-time exchange warranty.