Peter Christopher   
Hi Purvi,

Please pass the word - I got the stud remover and it truly works. What a relief. I had struggled to remove a stuck stud in a repaired turbocharger for my car. It simply would not come out until the new tool was applied. Great product and now if you only had a product to help me get my turbo in!

Guy Mayhew   
Dear Sirs,

The tool arrived as promised in good time and proved essential in repairing sheared studs on my Range Rover V8 engine. The build quality is excellent and very strong. The only improvement I can think of is to reduce the size of the rivets that hold the ends on, the round heads stick out sideways a few millimeters and can damage polished surfaces when working on short studs.

All in all I think it is an excellent product, easily found on the Internet and definitely fit for purpose.
Yours faithfully

Guy (Hanka) Mayhew


Hello I own a #SP1541

This is one of my favorite hand tools I own I was just wondering where I can purchase it or if I can order direct from you guys.

This was received as a present so if you can send me the price of this tools it would be appreciated. Or a online catalogue

Thank you,

Moises Hoory   

Hello, Purvi Patel.

What a surprise.
Just when I left home to work about two hours ago, I saw a package on the porter's table.
Took a close look and reading INDIA took me closer.
Wow! One-week-around-the-world. Sometimes a domestic EMS takes longer.
No customs opening, everything's alright.

Thanks a lot for your efficiency and efficacy; it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Have a great weekend.

Fordham, John   

Thanks for your communication.
I was emailing you for information on purchasing the tools.  I have forwarded the information to a couple of tool suppliers, who might want to add your products to their catalogs.  I received your ratchet wrench a couple of years ago for Christmas. After being able to disassemble my Motorcycle without having to search through my tool box, for the right size wrench, I was totally sold on your product.  Great design!

Hall, Bruce   

Purvi, I got the wrenches this past Wednesday and must say my first impression is one of total satisfaction. They will. Be put to the actual underwater test in Dec.
Thanks for providing an outstanding value.


Michael Windolph   

Hi, Dudes.
I am looking to achieve the famous pop pro wrench, I lost due a divorce. I got them like a decade ago at QVC, Germany, but they don't seem to offer them anymore. Where in Germany can I get them back?
Are those great tools available somewhere known?

Looking forward to read from you. Best regards


Thomas McGuigan   

Order received Thank you, is it possible for you to send me a catalogue on all your tools as I am in the plumbing and heating industry and have had a great response from my workforce and other contractors when they have viewed the items that I purchased from you.

Yours sincerely
Tommy McGuigan
Glasgow Property Maintenance

Kenji Noon   

Hi my name is Kenji Noon, and about a year ago I bought a set of wrenches call the Prow Multi wrench set and they work very well for what I need then for. I was thinking about buying another 2 to 5 sets but the place I got them from originally (Harbor Freight) no longer carries them. Where in southern California (I'm in Ontario Calif. about 45 miles east of Los Angeles) can I buy some more of these tools at?

Thanks in advance

Kenji Noon

K.O. Fukuda, Purchasing Mgr   

Dear Sirs,

We have seen your products on TV commercial these days and are very impressed by the concept of the products.

Best Regards,
K.O. Fukuda, Purchasing Mgr.
Mika Corporation



Last Friday, I received the wrenches in the mail.  Thank you very much for such a kind gesture.  I am a Tool Time nut myself and tinker on things often.  The tool looks marvelous and I showed it to my friends when they came over to watch the Super Bowl Football on Sunday.  They were all very impressed at the quality of the product.

Thank you.

Colin Gray   

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been asked to compile a list of tools suitable for a new generation of Rescue/Fire appliance within my brigade. I have shown the small Pop Prow wrench which I purchased from QVC to a few of my colleges and have received a fair bit of interest.

Although I have only used the smaller of the two wrenches the quality and versatility impressed me so much that I have recommended that both sizes be part of the kit.

I would be grateful if you could supply me with the nearest contact preferably within the UK to pass on to purchasing should the wrench be approved.

Yours sincerely
Colin Gray


Dear Sirs,

We require the following 5 items, one pc. Each. Pls. e-mail your proforma invoice for the same, Ex-Delhi delivery by prepaid courier. Pls. advise mode of payment.

We are already using your excellent products (Tools) for the past 7 years and we appreciate your fine quality of workmanship.

Thanks, Raghvendra Sharma

Bagsmiths Paper Products pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

# SP622
# SP1541
# RWMM12
# PW1030AL

# PW2060AL


I have had my pop prow for the past 15 yrs or so and it has been a great tool used almost daily in my job as a plumber. but the spring mechanism inside it seems to be broken, i am wondering is it fixable ? or replaceable ? thank you for designing such a great tool

Sandeep Sharma   

Solanki Ji,

Thanks for sharing this. You have some really good tools. I have personally used your Pop Spanner and found it to be extremely convenient. I have used even for some of the plumbing job, the pipe had two flat faces and it worked!

Sandeep Sharma|Sourcing Leader - India|Home Depot Sourcing India Private Limited

Indrajith Bhaskar   


I was owning one of “Model #SP1541” from my engineering days and using extensively at home for my personal hobby jobs, it’s very handy and unfortunately lost.

I am based out of Bangalore looking out, where I can procure “#SP1541”. Please advise if there are any distributors in Bangalore.

Thanks & regards

Indrajith Bhaskar

Jim Fackert   

Got them in good shape, thanks, the stud wrench is very handy, quality great. Thanks,


Rene Rossi   


i'm a stage technician and i use a popprow since two years and on any stage i am asked where to get them in germany and other European countries. The telemarketing company qvc in germany stopped to sell them. Where can i buy this perfect tool? Will you send me ten or 20 pcs?

i want to distibute them.
sunny greetings
rene rossi suncatcher

rick thompson   

hello my name is rick thompson. i would like to buy some of your wrenches. but i don't know where to send the money or how much. i have the popprowrench small. that i gave to my cousin. i have used it to. so i would like to get one of all your wrenches. tell me how much and where to send the money. my e-mail addess is xxx@zzz.com. waiting to hear from you.

Rupert Littlehales   

I have used one of your Wrenches today for the first time, and was very impressed, I am always looking for something that will make my job a lot easier and I think I have found it, I was wondering do you ship to the Uk as I would like to purchase one of these marvels, and I know that if I manage to get one there will be several orders to follow from work colleges once they know where to get them.

Thank you for your time

Rupert Littlehales

Steve Ford    

used a work mates pop prow wrench, very impressed with the performance & quality

steve ford
S.J.Ford plumbing&heating